Benjamin Taft — Producer & Cinematographer of “The Sandwich Nazi”
Delving into the extraordinary life of Salam Kahil, “The Sandwich Nazi” is a documentary that captures the raw and unvarnished essence of an eccentric Vancouver deli owner. As the producer and cinematographer, Benjamin Taft brings to the screen a narrative that is as provocative as it is poignant. 

The film’s journey through Salam’s past as a male escort and his larger-than-life persona earned it a nomination for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at SXSW, a testament to Taft’s adept storytelling and cinematic craftsmanship. “The Sandwich Nazi” is not just a film; it’s a bold exploration of humanity, eccentricity, and the power of being unapologetically oneself.
The Sandwich Nazi” documentary was featured at several prestigious festivals, such as:
SXSW (South by Southwest): Where it received a nomination for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize.
VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival): Screened at the Rio Theatre as part of the festival’s lineup.
Hot Docs: One of North America’s most important documentary festivals, based in Toronto, which also showcased the film.
These festivals were instrumental in presenting “The Sandwich Nazi” to diverse audiences and contributing to the documentary’s success and recognition.

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